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This is not well animated, not at all.
And if you make a video, please don't use any other lenguage than english.
even though i sont think this is great, i still found it a bit amusing.

Keep practicing your drawing!

diogoshx responds:

ok i like praticing, and my new flashes is only on english


This is exactly what i dream about,
just building a house, and live there without a worry.
Incrediable animation! This totally made my day,


CircusFreakFlash responds:

I know! wouldnt that be amazing... anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed it.


Finally someone put an end to this annoying little asshole :D
I hate Fred, he sucks.

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Pretty entertaining

Yay, highscore at 1061 :).
even tho it was pretty short it was still amuzing to me. awesome song too.

airideas responds:

Thankyou :D.


Even thought the game was incredibly easy, the artwork and the idea is just amazing. I hope to see more of this :D

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Interresting battle.

I really digged you both, Waus wins on lyrics and i guess Murdaa wins on flow.
"Repeating my lines"? That never happened. "When the uzi shoots njugguh!" That was really lame :). I kinda digged Waus' accent, but yeah the sound quality was pretty bad.

For me the winner is Waus.

Murdaa responds:

yur mom was lame.

When i said "Repeating my lines" i heard em say my line... unlike you lucky people who get to listen and read along.. I didn't have that luxury. I didnt know what he was saying.. so when he said "For example this, if never said im stacking chips" I thought he was repeatin the line.. where i said what i said. Chillax. Lyrics dont mean shit if u cant deliver it properly.. cause then no one can hear you. If i never been the nice guy and put up the lyrics.. it prolly woulda changed ur mind.

Heres my opinion.

Good melody but it didnt sounds mastered at all, it hurt my ears a little.
I was also missing the drums, it only consisted of a bass drum and a high hat, therefor this does not fit in the DnB section.

But again i liked it overal, but it needs some more work in my opinion.

Nijg responds:

Yeah I'm not very experienced with mastering, as all my songs are originally midi, and I was only introduced into the audio-mixing process a year or two ago...

I'm also not very literate with the specifics of genre classification, as I generally think of all electronic music as techno, so I struggle to get my songs sub-classified correctly sometimes.


This inspired me to spend my few hours of free time on music again,
Really clean and smooth dude :)

This deserves the top list,
Goed bezig ;)

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